A Professional Reference by Neil Cliffe

I first met Susie Mathis after completing the first Manchester Piccadilly Marathon in the early 1980s She was then a very popular presenter on Piccadilly Radio and invited me onto the station for a live interview.

This interview not only brought our appeal into the offices and homes of thousands in the greater Manchester area but we became a regular feature on her programme and she introduced many of well known names to attend our functions and support our ventures.

These names included Sue Johnston, Bryan Robson, Steve Bruce, and other Manchester United and City players. Major actors from Coronation Street plus all local high profile stars.

With this marvellous support we raised over one million pounds to build a unique care centre in the grounds of Wythenshawe Hospital.

Not satisfied with this, Susie went on to create The Kirsty Appeal, Francis House the Children’s Hospice where Kirsty was being treated desperately needed to expand but needed five million pounds to make it possible.

Susie, with tiny Kirsty set off to raise this vast amount.

She had the energy and the brilliant personality to convince so many well known people to come on board. These included David Beckham and many sports and show stars like Michael Crawford, Ronan Keating, The cast from Coronation Street, Eastenders, and Emmerdale. Even Tony Blair the former Prime minister invited Kirsty and Susie to Number 10.

Susie raised the five million and was then invited to join Mr Al Fayed (the owner of Harrods at the time) to run his Charitable Foundation.

Susie is now back in Manchester and offering her brilliant way of producing ideas to help promote and expand any business or Charity.

This is a mature person who has gained so much experience and knowledge and now has a wish to help and support others to grow and develop with new bright ideas.

Should you feel you need someone to look at your business and listen to you and then introduce a programme of ideas that could help you to grow.

Susie is the one.

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